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Last January I did the 30 days of yoga challenge with Adrianne, and I absolutely loved it. To be honest asI think about it now, Im not sure why I don’t do yoga everyday all the time?!

Anywho, I don’t manage to do yoga everyday, but when I do do it – I love it. It makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy.

So when I came across the 31 yoga challenge from Cat Meffan I was really excited. I follow Cat on Instagram, she is crazy bendy and wears the most amazing leggings!

I am on day 11 now and I have found this a lot more challenging than I was expecting – So much so that on Friday I felt like I had done a weights workout the night before! At the end of this challenge I am hoping that I will continue to do either yoga or meditation every day. My aim someday is to be as as bendy as she is, but Im not sure that is actually possible! 😬

The challenge is all on YouTube and is a mixture of yoga flows, meditation guides and tips on working into the poses and positions better and really making it work for your body. 

Have you taken up any challenges for January?

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