50MilesIn30Days – Week 2

We have actually been taking part in this challenge for 2 weeks!! How quick has that gone? 

Although the challenge is to run every day and complete 50 miles in the 30 days of November, I have to confess…. We have missed two runs this week! 🙈

I have actually had a headache/migraine for a full week now! So on Thursday last week and yesterday we didn’t run. However, we went to the gym and ran 5km on Friday to make up for it, and we will go tomorrow night for another 5km to make up for yesterday. I still think I would like to run another three days in December to make sure we run the 30 days too. 

So this week has been a little bit tougher, but purely because of my silly headache. Nothing seems to help this time. I have tried meditating, listening to my headache music (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28J1PMlY8fI) yoga, litres of water and I even took pain killers! Nothing has helped which has made motivation to go out running a little tougher. 

The really weird thing with my headache is that when I go for a run, it helps but only for the time that I am running. 

Other than the head, running this week has felt really good – we did have a tough run at the gym on Sunday but that was because we had only had a sausage sandwich and a cup of tea before hand. 🙊 

I have tried to make sure I stretch after a run and get a protein shake in to make sure my legs are good for the next day – and I think it has actually worked! 👍🏻

How has week two been for you? It isn’t too late to join in if you haven’t already – Simply run 2.5km every day for the rest of November and use the #ConnectThruSweat on Insta! 

Running Challenge – Week 1

We are 7 days into the 30 day running challenge and I have to admit I am loving it! 

I love to run, but I always find an excuse not to. I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t have time, its too cold, its so dark. You know the ones! 

As this challenge is asking me to run everyday I am really enjoying that fact. I have missed 1 day so far due to a work event. We have to be onsite for 6AM and didn’t get home until 8PM. We were so tired we really couldn’t face going out for a run. We did manage to get in a 5km run the next day though, so we made up for it. 🙂 

We have been doing a mixture or early morning runs and evening runs in the gym. We seem to be getting quicker too – which is never a bad thing! 

Are you taking part in the #50milesin30days challenge/ I would love to hear how your first week has gone!

November Running Challenge

I love to set myself fitness challenges so when I saw the #ConntectThruSweat challenge to run 50 miles in 30 days during November I was really excited and really wanted to take part. 

The idea behind the challenge is to run every day for at least 2.5km either outside or on the treadmill. 

I love running in the morning, but with the weather getting colder and the mornings being so dark I think I will be doing a mixture of road runs in the mornings and treadmill runs in the evening. The gym we go to doesn’t open early enough to get a run in and get ready for work in time. 

I have one work event on a Saturday in which I think I will struggle to run, but if so I will make sure I run 5km after to make up for it. 

Who else is up for this running challenge? 

Book-it List

Book list

I love to read, I don’t always have time to read a lot but I have a book on the go at all times. 

I have started to listen to audiobooks on my journey to work, just to make that time a little bit more productive. I feel like I am waiting time while I am in the car, even though I really can’t do a lot else whilst driving. 

So I am often looking to see what else I can listen to. I have started to create a wishlist of books that I want to read/listen to that will help me with my fitness, training and nutrition. Here are the books that I have on their so far:

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life
  • Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life
  • The WOW Book: 52 Ways to Motivate Your Mind, Inspire Your Soul & Create WOW in Your Life!
  • Eat That Frog!: Get More of the Important Things Done – Today! 
  • Secrets of Yoga
  • The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer
  • How Not To Die: Discover the foods scientifically proven to prevent and reverse disease

Have you read a really good book recently? Please share your recommendations with me!

Autumn Goals

Two things that tell me it is now officially autumn, it has been my birthday (8th October if you wanted to add it to your diary!) and it is bloody freezing!!! 

I am actually sat here with a blanket around me and a cup of tea next to me because it is that cold!! 

Anywho, I have decided to set some goals for autumn, here they are:

  • Run – I have stopped running and I really couldn’t tell you why. I feel really annoyed at this, I love running and have based this who blog on the subject. So goal one is to get running again! even if this is just a trip to the gym to run it out on the treadmill. I am not setting a number of runs a week because I seem to struggle to keep to that so this goal is just to run when I can. 
  • Be less tried – I have been soo tired recently and following a blood test have been told I am iron deficient. I am really rubbish at taking my iron tablets so this goal is partly to take the three tablets every day and to do everything in my power to help not be so sleepy. 
  • Film more – I really would like to start publishing videos, I do film a fair bit but get too nervous about posting them. So I am going to start filming more and just posting them. 
  • Finish projects – I am really quite bad at finishing something I have started. I get a bit distracted and start doing something else or just forget! I am currently working on a really exciting project and I really want to keep focused on it and get it live and a success! 

What are your goals for Autumn, I would love to hear them