Writing Again!

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Well that was a pretty epic break from writing on this blog!! Life well and truly took over, I really struggled with sickness during this pregnancy (for the first 16 weeks or so) my candle business (Poured By Fi) got busy with real life markets and my other business (Bella Digital) also get super busy and I took the decision to take advantage of the work before baby got here!

Ezra is currently having a danger nap and I am 39 weeks pregnant and waiting for baby number two to make an appearance any day now, and I have decided to get writing again.

In all honestly I am not too sure what has caused this desire to write, but I can say I have missed writing for myself. I do a fair bit of writing for clients and other people, but its just not the same.

I don’t really have a lot to say for this post, I just wanted to get typing and post something to get me motivated again! So that is exactly what this post is!

I am hoping to keep writing about fitness, babies, work life balance, food, family life with two small children and whatever else takes my fancy. So I hope you stick around and enjoy what I post, please feel free to comment below with feedback/input (but please be nice!!)

Happy Tuesday!!

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