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As much as I really would like to stay at home and play with Ezra everyday, It has come the time for me to return back to work! 😭

I am so fortunate that I have such an understanding boss and work place that they have agreed for me to work part time and only have to go into the office once a week!!!

My official first day back after over a year off is the 1st October, and I am half dreading half really looking forward to it. I loved my job pre baby and am looking forward to getting stuck into it all again, but I know I am going to miss Ezra so much!!

The one thing I am quite nervous about, it getting that work, life, fitness balance right. I don’t want one to take over from the rest!

I am going to try my best to get a good routine in place and on my days working from home I am going to go for a run at lunch time to get both Ezra and I out of the house and get yoga in as many days as I can!

I would love to know how you fit it all in and if you have any tips please share them with me!

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