Up and Running again

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I have finally got back running again, I had signed myself up for the ride London 100 miler so had packed up the running shoes and had my mind set on a really good cycling training plan.

I got really into it and started riding to work, but then my neck and shoulder got worse and the chiropractor said to stop swimming or cycling. So like the good girl I am, and doesn’t need to be told twice to stop cycling, I stopped.

Since then I haven’t really done any training except body weight stuff, which is good but I have felt myself put on weight and loose some toneage. (yup, that is a real word!)

So I decided to get my trainers back out and give the legs a spin. I work right next to the Humber bridge so have the perfect setting for a run after work.

I started off steady with a nice 4km jog, I won’t say run as it took me 27 minutes but I did it. I would love to get back into running a decent pace over a decent distance regularly again. I have actually missed it, which I know is a bit weird to say!


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