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It has been quite some time since I last went for a run and this isn’t due to me being lazy or not wanting to, things have just been a little crazy.

But my mum and I went to cheer the runners on last Sunday at the Great Eastern Run, the half marathon around Peterborough, and it really really made me want to join in! So i have decided that I am going to get back into running and complete another half marathon!

I have had a look around the internet and there is one in February in Leeds and one in April in Sheffield. My friend Sam is doing the Manchester one, so I might join it with him. I still haven’t decided if I should just do one or go for both! I guess I need to see how the training goes first.

When I was training for the marathon last time, I found I trained slow therefore I ran slow, so this time I am going to start off with short distances, but run them at the pace I want to run the full thing in.

I went out on Thursday night after work and did 2.3 km, I have to admit I am so unfit and found the just running for 14 minutes was hard. I am determined to stick at it and try to be as fast as I can be. I am going to go out again on Sunday and try to beat the 14 minute loop. I will keep you updated.


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  1. Mary 4 years ago

    Despite having lived only a half hour drive from Peterborough for the past six years, I’m yet to enter or even go to support at the Great Eastern. I really must add it to my race list for next year!
    There’s something very motivating and inspiring about going to support at an event. I can’t wait to fill up my diary for 2017!


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