Travelling With a 5 Month Old

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As the crazy couple we are, we have gone and booked a holiday to New York at the end of February!!

When we go Ezra will be just about 5 and a half months! I am hoping to still be breastfeeding which I am hoping will play in our favour during the flight! I’m thinking that if he gets unhappy I can just pop him on the boob and calm him down? Thats the theory anyway! 


So once we booked the flights the next thing we needed to get sorted was Ezra’s passport.

I have to say it was a fairly pain free process for us! We started the process online as this was cheaper and then filled in the forms and got a friend to countersign the bits, got it sent off and had the passport through the door within a few days! I was fully expecting it to take over 3 weeks!

The hardest part of this process was getting Ezra to sit still in the photo booth for the photo! You get three attempts at the photo, the second he was missing from the photo completley and the third he was screaming!

We ended up using a photo with his eyes and face pointing towards the floor, but as he is only a baby they don’t need to be looking at the screen.

When it comes to packing my plan is to take enough nappies and wipes to cover the flight and then buy more when we arrive. Also as it is going to be pretty chilly while we are there I think it is better for us to pack baby grows so we can easily add coats or a snow suit on top.

We often drive to see my family for the weekend so have had quite a lot of practice packing for time away from home and making sure we can fit everything we need into the car!

What we are taking:

Nappies and wipes
Babybjorn & wrap
Baby Grows
Snow suit
Sleeping bag

As we are going to New York we are confident that anything we have forgotten or need more of we can go out and buy it. But it will be interesting to see exactly what we will be using and need while we are away.

I am really looking forward to the trip and hoping that everything goes smoothly for us! 



If anyone else has travelled with a little baby and has any tips of what to pack I would love to hear them! I will be writing all about our trip once we have been and all the adventures we get up to!

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