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We are finally home after what felt like a really long holiday! We were only in New York for 7 nights but it felt so much longer! 

Not sure if that was the lack of sleep while we were there or the busy schedule?

We had a great time and it turns out all my worrying was for nothing! Baby BS was great on both the flights and while we were there! 

Now don’t get me wrong he was waking every few hours during the night and hardy feeding during the day, but he was happy and content for the most part! 

Before going I wrote a list of things we needed to pack and I think we pretty much got it right. We might have taken a few too many toys for the plane but i thought it was better to over pack than under! 

I wanted to share a few things we learnt on our trip:

  • Not all subway stations have lifts, so unless you want a workout lifting the pram up and down the stairs I would recommend planning the routes!
  • Nappies in the US are slightly smaller sizes, so if you plan on buying them when you get there go a size down.
  • Best Buy Baby is an amazing shop!
  • The toilets are not always baby friendly so be prepared for some floor nappy changes!
  • Sensory videos on YouTube are brilliant 
  • Don’t believe that travelling will make your baby extra tired and sleep through! 
  • Don’t worry if your baby cries on the subway! People are a lot more understanding that you expect! They might even help to calm baby down!
  • The major tourist attractions are very accommodating for families and buggy’s! 

Now we have got the first holiday done I can’t wait to start planning our next adventures! 

Is there anywhere you would love to take your little one?

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