Tops Tips for Pregnancy Running

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I have tried my best to keep active during my pregnancy and that does include running. And when I say running I do mean a slow jog/plod. 

I think I was around 9/10 weeks when I ran the London Winter Run which was a 10km and then I have done a few 5km and smaller runs. 

To be honest I wish I had run more throughout the whole of the pregnancy as I have enjoyed the runs I have done – I just get lazy when I get back from work so can’t be bothered! 

However, with my limited running, I do still have some top tips that I would like to share with my fellow mums to be to make their pregnancy running a little more enjoyable: 

1. Buy running clothes that fit

Even though I am still able to fit into my “normal” pre-pregnancy clothes, I have noticed that I no longer fit into my running shorts and my vests are getting a little short. So for my latest run, I borrowed Dan’s shorts which were great, but the vest I wore was too short and the bottom of my belly was on show!! Now, this didn’t affect my running, but it wasn’t a good look!! There are loads of maternity fitness ranges out there so I would fully recommend treating yourself to something that fits and is comfortable. 

2. Go for a wee just before you start running

Most pregnant ladies will understand the need to pee all the time, and running with a full bladder is not fun! Trust me!! The pressure on your bladder is pretty uncomfortable and if you are midway through your run you still need to get home!! 

3. Stretch well before and after

I have been suffering from cramp in my calf at night time and how found that the nights after a run are much worse. So I would fully recommend making sure you warm your muscles up before a run and cool them down after. Stretching a using the foam roller are simple ways to help with this. 

4. Have lots of food in the cupboards

I have been really good with my food intake and cravings throughout my pregnancy, but I did find that I get crazy hungry after a run, and if there isn’t enough food in that can quickly turn to hangry!! 😀 Foods that are yummy and filling are best! 👍🏻

5. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

As with any exercise you need to make sure you drink plenty of fluid before and after, so this is no different during pregnancy. I find I get a really bad headache if I don’t drink enough and I need to drink a little more in this heat and after a run! 

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