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I’m not sure when you stop becoming a new mum but I think now after 10 weeks I am starting to get the hang of things! I know as I type this everything is going to change and I am going to have to try to figure out what to do all over again! 🙂 

But from my mummy journey so far I thought it only fair to share my top tips for new mums: 

Give Yourself An Hour

Whilst being pregnant you might have heard a lot of things from experienced mums and one of these things might have been you will never be able to leave the house on time. So my trick for this is to give yourself a full hour before you need to leave to get ready! It is more than likely that once you have got yourself and baby ready they will poop and need a nappy change or decide they are hungry and want a feed! With this trick, you have enough time to do all of the above and still leave the house on time! 

Another great trick, once you are dressed and ready is to pop on your dressing gown. That way if the baby is sick on you, you won’t need an outfit change! 

Make Mum Friends

Mum friends are amazing!!! These new friends will be the people you turn to in the middle of the night to ask questions, they will reassure you that you are not the worst mum ever and that they are going through exactly the same things you are. 

Go With Your Gut

There are so many “rules” and bits of advice that you are told to follow, but your gut really does know best! You are the person who knows your child and your body best, so do what you think is right. It is so hard not to worry about every single thing you are doing with your baby, but if they are alive, feeding and needing a nappy change then you are doing an amazing job!! 

Shower When You Can

I try my hardest to shower every day but some days it just doesn’t happen! I would recommend the second you think you have a window to get a shower – take it, because once it has gone you may not get another one for a whole day! If you don’t manage to get an actual wash a baby wipe one will suffice! 😂

Overpack Your Nappy Bag

You can never have too many nappies or changes of outfits! You never know how many explosions could happen or how long you might be out of the house and you do not want to be caught short! Personally, I also like to add a few snacks a drink and a change of top for myself in this bag – just in case!! 


The beauty of becoming a parent is that you are always learning and being tested, but I think the best bit of advice I can give is to know that you are doing an amazing job and try to Just enjoy every moment of it because it really does go so fast! 

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