Things they don’t tell you about giving birth

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You may or may not have spotted the increased amount of baby spam on my Instagram account?! Which I hope you have figured out that means our gorgeous baby boy has joined us in the world!!

Ezra Lauden Hector, graced us with his amazing presence on 19th September 2019 at 7:18 am after about 12 hours of labour and a good few days of surges (contractions for those who don’t know about hypnobirthing!!)

I will write up my birth story at some point but I really need to have time to sit down and think about what happened!! It all seems to have merged into one time and I don’t really know the order in which big things happened at the moment!! I blame baby brain still!! 😁

However, I am going to share my top 4 things that people don’t tell you about giving birth from my experience… please be warned I have been pretty honest with these and some of the details are gross!!

It is likely you will fall in love with your midwife

I was fortunate enough to have a complication free pregnancy which meant I was able to give birth on the Midwifery Lead Unit (MLU) at Hull Royal. Which meant we had our own room which, I’m not kidding, could easily have been mistaken for a 4 star hotel!! But with that, we got a wonderful midwife called Becky looking after us! Not only was she helpful, attentive and calming for us she stayed after her shift had finished so she could meet Ezra!!

Every hole is a goal

I get that you are pushing a baby out of your lady bits so they will see a fair bit of action over the course of labour, but you also get your temperature checked via your mouth and ear regularly and once Ezra has made his entrance and I had been stitched up I got a finger up the bum….twice!!! Pretty sure babies don’t come out of that hole!!

You will get used to fingers and implement in all the holes pretty quickly!! Well, I did at least!! 😂

You actually get used to feeling like you have wet yourself

As soon as we were admitted to the MLU I was examined to see how dilated I was, which for the record was not as much as I thought it was going to be! But this caused the start of my “shows” to appear… which continued all through the labour so pretty much every time I moved I leaked a bit more gooey bloody mucus!!

Later on, I also got my waters broken which as you might have imagined completely feels like you have wet yourself!!

And finally once the baby arrives all sorts of stuff falls out!!

Fearing the shower and toilet are normal

Once things really started kicking off I was really nervous about going to the toilet just in case baby came out and landed in there, every time I went for a wee I would get a crazy strong surge!!! Obviously, by this point, my rational brain had disappeared!!

This fear got worse once I had given birth! What if everything fell out?!? I think this was made worse by me having to have stitches! I was so worried they would rip or that it would be so painful when I wiped!

It is pretty gross but I really didn’t want to get showered either!! I was covered in sweat, poop (Ezra made his entrance known by doing a huge poo!) blood and who knows what else, but I really didn’t want to move or stand up and get clean!! Thankfully I had Dan with me who was happy to help stand up and dry myself!!

Obviously, everyone’s birth experience is different and this is just from my experience, is there anything about your birth that you wish you had been told before it happened?

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