The Isolation Productivity Battle!

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So is anyone else facing the isolation productivity battle??

Some days I am motivated to do loads of house jobs, maybe a bit of blogging, a workout and maybe a bit of work on my candles, but then other days I just want to sit on the sofa, watch Disney Life and eat all the snacks!!

I think seeing people on social media using this isolation to be really productive gives me a bit of guilt! But it doesn’t actually make me get up and do things!!

In all honesty I have done a fair bit which I am proud of:

  • Sorted Ezra clothes and sold some on eBay
  • Walked Frank for about an hour every day
  • A load of washing every day
  • Cooked and cleaned the dishes
  • Planted some veg and flower seeds
  • Pulled the weeds from the garden
  • Attempted to get Ezra to do educational activities (most ended with him throwing them on the floor!!)
  • Build a website for my Candles (launching soon!!)
  • Got dressed and had a shower most days!

I hope you are staying home and filling your days with whatever is it you want to do! Don’t be feeling guilty if your not cleaning or organising every inch of your house! But love it if you are! 😍😍

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