The GO2 Brand Inhalers: Review

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So the cold has still not gone and I have also started back at work, so it really couldn’t have been better timing for me to try the GO2 essential oil inhalers.

Having a young, very, active little boy, being ill for almost 5 weeks and going back to work isn’t the easiest. I need to have bags of energy, the need to focus and concentrate – and if I’m honest, I’m not always able to get it all done.

The GO2 inhalers come in 4 different smells and benefits: Energy, Calm, Focus and Sleep.

Sense of smell is our most powerful sense. 
Studies have shown that inhaling the aroma from various Essential Oils can stimulate an area of your brain called the limbic system, this is where emotions, behaviours, sense of smell, long term memory, heart rate & breathing are all controlled.

I haven’t really tried the sleep inhaler as my little boy hasn’t slept well since he was born so didn’t think there was a need! 😂

I have tried the other three, and not only do they smell amazing but they actually seem to work! I have managed to really focus on whatever task I have been working in and do actually feel like I can get everything I need to done.

The inhalers are nice and small so can fit in your pocket and can be taken pretty much anywhere with you.

I still haven’t use the inhalers while I am exercising yet, hopefully when I am feeling better I can give it a try on a run and see how I get on.

You can buy the individual inhalers or buy them as a pack of 4, from their website

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  1. Kathryn 9 months ago

    Loved how quickly my order arrived,the smell is wonder full. Thanks Fran.


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