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During pregnancy, I signed up for a million baby related emails and groups – most of which I haven’t even read but on Monday I got one through from Pampers and I had to write this post about it! 

Pampers are running a campaign to say #ThankYouMidwife to these wonderful human beings who work so hard to ensure your baby is born the quickest, safest and happiest way. 

I genuinely don’t have the words to express how thankful I am for the staff and midwives at Hull Royal Fatima Allam Women and Children’s center.  They enabled me to deliver Ezra without pain relief and kept me calm and happy throughout my labor. 

Midwives work tirelessly, round the clock all year rounds so to say Thank You Pampers have teamed up with Paloma Faith, to encourage parents to share their appreciation. Paloma has recorded an exclusive cover of the much-loved Silent Night. 

For every download of the single, Pampers will donate an additional £1 to the Royal College of Midwives Benevolent Fund on your behalf.

Download the single here!

You can also support midwives by using #ThankYouMidwife. For every xxx shares of the hashtag, Pampers will makeover one staffroom within a UK maternity ward.

Come on Mummas, let show the midwives how much we appreciate them! 

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