Staying Motivated During Autumn – Winter

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Im sure you are all aware that the weather has got a lot colder as we have hit November and it can be really hard to stay motivated and on track with your running training. 

For me, there are a few things that can be really helpful to keep me focused and not sidetracked from my training. I thought it would be a great time for me share these with you:

Set a Target

Having a target to achieve keeps me on track, for example this month I am aiming to run 50 miles and your target doesn’t need to be a distance, it can be to run twice a week or run for 30 minutes a week. I also find that telling someone about this target really helps me stick to it. If someone knows you can’t skip out on it and not complete it. 

Booking a race/event just in the new year is another great goal. If I have paid money for something I really want to make sure I achieve it and do it well. 

Get organised

This one for me is the simplest way for me to stay motivated, if I don’t have things ready I find it really easy to make excuses to not train. 

So, if i am running in the morning before work, I need to make sure my running clothes are washed, dried and out ready for me when my alarm goes off. I need my clothes for work to be ready for when I am back and showered.

I also need to make sure my food is ready – I often run without eating so I like to have a protein shake as soon as i am back and then some oats when I get to work at around 9-10am. This food prep also includes my lunch and snacks. 

If all this is ready for me when I wake up, it makes it so much easier and smoother to wake up, run, and get ready for work. I only have an hour and a half to get up and out so it makes a big difference. 

Don’t Snooze

Hitting snooze is possible the worst thing for me, I actually hate to do it. I like to get up the second my alarm has woken me. 

Doing this means I don’t think about staying in bed and not getting up and going for a run in the cold and dark. 

Aaptiv have already created a really cool graphic with some tips from their trainers to help us survive running in the colder weather – they have also shared a code to get a special 30- day trial – TURKEY30 – Enjoy! 🙂 

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