Should I Run Through “That Time Of The Month?”

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I know a lot of women and men don’t like to talk about The Time Of The Month, but it happens – every month for most women!! So I am going to talk or write about it!

Since having Ezra my periods have become horrible and they really make me not want to exercise or even eat remotely healthily! I really just want to sit on the sofa and eat crisps and chocolates!

It really gets in the way of my plan to get fit again! I get really into running and then I stop because of my period and its so annoying!! It got me thinking, should I keep running throughout my period or not?

Basically there is no evidence to say you should be affecting by having a period itself, but its the other symptoms that come with your cycle that can disrupt your running. The bloating, cramps and general feeling not in the mood can really put a stop to a run!

For me, I don’t feel comfortable enough to run on some days, but I find it really frustrating that I get out of the swing of running regularly and feel like I have to start again the next month!

I think I am going to start walking on the days I would have run when I am on. In the hope that it will keep me motivated and moving still!

Anyone else experienced this post child birth and if so do you have any tips for me please?

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