Routine Time

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When lockdown started back in March I think we had a really good routine going. We would get up in the morning, walk the dog, have food and then get all the stuff that needed to be done done. But that seems to have gone out of the window recently.

I think not having to set an alarm has made us become a little lazy!! Our boy doesn’t like to sleep or let us sleep all that much so we don’t really get up late but we tend to just fight getting out of bed and just snooze!

So I would really like to try to get back into some sort of routine. We always try to get Ezra to nap at a similar time each day (which doesn’t always happen!!) and he has a similar bed time – so its all the time in between that we need to get more organised.

Now don’t get me wrong, all the important things get done, but I know I could be more productive in a day and I could definitely be better with my fitness.

I would really like to get fit again, but It always seems to be the last thing I prioritise – but I would like that to change.

Let see what getting up and making the most of each day does!

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