Relaxing on Holiday

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I love the world of Instagram these days, it allows you to get a glimpse of other peoples lives, what they eat, what they wear and how the relax completely on holiday. I have to admit, It does make me a bit jealous! Although I love going on holiday and taking a break from my normal life, I don’t think I ever fully switch off when I get away.

According to Hayes and Jarvis there are four pillars of holiday relaxation that you need to conquer to get the most out of your holiday! 

These pillars are:





I am going to New York in December and whilst I know this isn’t going to be a relaxing holiday as I want to go everywhere and explore, but I think it is still going to be important to switch off and enjoy my trip. According to their research only 16% of women and 21% of men totally switch off and don’t check any emails or social media whilst on holiday, and I think i might be in that group. 

Do you ever struggle to fully switch off?


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