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I have always loved running and was really keen to make sure that wasn’t something I lost once I had baby. So did a bit of reseach into the best prams to run with, but found that they were pretty pricey and the pram we already had wasn’t cheap!

So I decided to give ours a go! We have a Mamas and Papas pram which is really smooth to push so thought it would be pretty easy to run with.

I live pretty close to a park with a loop, so decided that would be the best place to give the pram a test drive! The loop is just shy of 1km and is a nice smooth path with no curbs (I had visions of Ezra being thrown out of the pram if I tried to run and push him up curbs!!)

For my first run with the pram, I set out for a short and sweet run and it was great! Now don’t get me wrong it was pretty slow, because if I went over 7 minutes/km the front wheels went all jittery and made a horrible noise, also I was crazy unfit!!

Not only was I really pleased with how I felt during the run, but Ezra slept for most of it – so it must have been a nice ride for him!

I have to admit I was a bit worried about the judgey looks from people, but once I got going I didn’t really care because I was able to go out running again but have my boy with me!

Since the maiden run with the pram, we have been going out every morning! We take it in turns to push and run – I try my best to leave it as long as possible before I offer to take over because I find it so much harder!

This pram will do us for now, but I would like to get an actual running pram as I don’t want to ruin this one – just in case more babies come along and we want to use it again! If you have any recommendations please let me know!

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