Post pregnancy fitness goals

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I have been so lucky with this pregnancy and not gained too much weight other than on my bump and have really only been craving healthy foods!

I haven’t been exercising as much as I have pre pregnancy but I am ok with that. I have really felt my body slow down over the past few weeks and have really been listening to it in the hopes of keeping my body and baby happy!

But as my due date draws closer I have started to think about my post pregnancy fitness and my plan to build my fitness and body back up.

I just want to make it clear that although I am writing this post, I am in no rush to loose weight and start posting ab pictures on my Instagram! I plan on taking my time, listening to my body and focusing on my baby and their health and happiness before anything else.

I am not going to even contemplate working out for a minimum of 6 weeks post birth, but I do plan on going to a gentle walk everyday. Not only will this get us both out of the house for a little bit but it will help keep me moving.

Once baby and my body is in a place where everything is happy for me to start “training” again I would like to do as many activities that involve Dan and the baby along with fitness. I find that a fitness journey can be very individual and you can end up secluding yourself from others and I really don’t want to do that.

I will be heading to eBay to see about a Running buggy and getting our little family outside and running together.

I would also like to book in a sporting event for 2019 with the hopes of building my fitness back up and completing a run or a triathlon. Again this will start small and allow me to build myself back in to it without the risks of doing too much too soon and causing myself any damage!

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