PaMu Wireless Headphones: Review

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I really enjoy creating and listening to playlists, I have many different playlists for many different occasions. I even created a playlist for my labour in the hopes that it would keep me calm and relaxed! 

Now that I am on maternity leave with Ezra I want to keep as active as I can but keep it gentle while I am still recovering. I aim to go for a walk every day and will most likely listen to music or a podcast but I don’t want to use my over head headphones just incase I can’t hear Ezra! 


These PaMu wireless headphones are a great option for me, they are small, wireless and I can just use one so I can still hear Ezra if I need to. 

They connect really easily to my phone and have a really good sound, even with only one bud in your ear. The buds have controls on them for you to change the track, pause, and play your music which is really easy to use. I also find that the buds fit really nicely into your ears, I have a piercing in my left ear so find it hard to get in-ear headphones to fit but these feel really comfy and safe. 

The headphones come in a really nice case which also acts as a charging dock, so you can keep your headphones charged on the go. The case comes in a few different colors and can be purchased from the PaMu website .












The PaMu wireless headphones are perfect! They are the ear buds which allows me to just use one and still listen to my music.

These ear buds come in a really lovely case which not only keeps them safe but is the charger too! You can plug the whole unit it to charge and then use the case as a portable charger for the headphones.

Im not usually a big fan of in ear buds and struggle to get them to stay in me ears, especially my left ear as I have an earring which gets in the way. However, these buds fit comfortably in my ears and so far have stayed put without too much fiddling around! 

I’m no expert on sound but the quality seems really good! I have only been using one bud and can still hear what I am listening to clearly.

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