OMG I like Salmon!!

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I went to my friends house for tea the other week and she forgot that I didn’t like salmon, so when she told me that was what we had salmon and quinoa I panicked a little!

I wouldn’t say I was a fussy eater, I just don’t like salmon, peppers or raw onions. But I was brave and said I would try it and if I didn’t like it, I would just eat the veg and quinoa. The salmon was covered with sweet chilli sauce and then cooked in the oven and it was soo nice!

I always thought that salmon was a really fishy fish (yes I know how silly that sounds!!) but it really wasn’t.

My plan now is to go and buy a whole load of salmon and find loads of recipes that I can try out! I still don’t think I can handle smoked salmon but you never know, I might work my way up to it!

Has anyone got any good salmon recipes for me to try?


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