October Goals

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I am always so behind when posting my monthly goals!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ But anyway…Here they are!

  • Finish reading Little Fires Everywhere. I am pretty rubbish at reading and finishing books at the moment. When ever I have a spare few minutes I always seem to watch them with tele or instagram!! So I am determined to finish this book by the end of the month.
  • Run 30 km – I have been saying for months that I want to get back into running, but I am really good at finding an excuse to not go for a run! But this month IS going to be the month that I up my runs and the distances that I run. I am going to aim to run a minimum of 30 km this month with the hopes of increasing this next month!
  • Work on my business Instagram by reaching 800 followers! I am currently on 720, but I think its possible!
  • Get my candles in two more shops! I sell my candles on my website and on Etsy at the moment, but I would love to get them into shops! So if you own a shop and want to stock them or know someone who does, please let me know!
  • Complete my aromatherapy course – I only have a little bit more to do on this so really would like to get it done before the end of the month.

I don’t always achieve everything that I put on my monthly goals, but I love writing them down, I think it makes me so much more accountable to at least try to get them done! What do you want to achieve this month?

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