November Goals

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What even is this? I am actually writing and posting about my monthly goals right at the begining of the month?!?

Funny really because one of my goals this month is to write more blogs and here I am writing a blog!!

October was actually a really good month for me and my goals – I completed three of the five goals! I finished my book, finished my course and ran just over 30km!! I was so close on my instagram goal – I think I was about 9 followers short!! But this will probably become a regular goal!

So this months goals are:

  • Finish a new book – I have just tonight started reading Tom Hanks Ucommon Types and I would love to be able to finish it before the end of the month. It is pretty good so far!
  • Run 40km – I want to keep up my running as I really do love going out and running. I do find that I start to dislike running in the dark, rain or cold so autumn does tend to be the season I really try to avoid running!! But… I would love to build on last months 30km and go a little further.
  • Write 5 blog posts – I am pretty sure that works out to one a week which really isnt that much is it!?
  • Hit 1000 followers on Instagram and post everyday – I have already started this goal by planning out the first week of November. My plan is to do this at the begining of each week and stay on top of it. I have quite a lot planned in for Poured By Fi this month and want to do really well with it.
  • Ezra to say 5 new words – Ezra is such a clever boy but he really doesn’t say a lot, so I would love to be able to teach him 5 new words this month. We got some really good flash cards for him this weekend so going to try and create some fun learning games around them for him.
  • Launch new PBF products – I have been working on a christmasy blend for ages now and I think I am finally happy with it, so I want to get that live along with a few other items I am working on.

So here they are…there is a few more this month but I think they are all acheviable.

What are your goals this month? I love doing this each month and think this is really going to help me focus on good things instead of all the negative things that are happening right now!

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