Not Getting Weighed Down!

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So last Wednesday (25th April) I hit the 20-week mark, which means I am now halfway through my pregnancy!!!! I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. The little one will be here before we know it! 

We had our 20-week scan on Friday and it was so lovely to see our little baby! We didn’t want to find out the gender as we wanted to keep it as a surprise, but according to the scan lady, everything was looking as it should and the bump had a good heartbeat, all four chambers, two kidneys, two feet, two hands and a brain! 😍

My bump is still fairly neat and small at the moment, but I can feel myself getting a little bigger each week. I saw a fitness blogger and model who is a few days further along than I am who had posted about getting bigger. She has measured how much her bottom had got bigger and how much weight she had put on. 

I thought to myself, is it bad that this sort of thing hadn’t crossed my mind. I actually haven’t got on the scales since finding out I am pregnant! I have been conscious of not eating too much and making sure I stay active, but only when my body is telling me to. I know I have never had a dream body, or the best abs and butt going – but I really am more concerned that the little one than how much weight I am putting on or how big my butt might be getting. 

I would like to keep this attitude after I have given birth too, spending time looking after the baby is more important than getting back into shape and losing any weight that I have put on. Of course, I am already thinking about exercise challenges I can take on once I have recovered from the birth and we are into a good routine. But it will all happen when my body is ready. 

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