Not Backing Down!

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I have hurt my back!! 🙁

I am not too sure what I have done, but it hurts when I bend down too much or do too much cleaning!! (Not just an excuse to do no housework I promise!)

So I have been trying really hard not to do too much exercise, which is actually pretty hard. Watching so many people take part in Joe Wicks PE Lessons everyday and so many fitness people offering free workouts just makes me want to join in!!

But I am being sensible and not running and only doing light workouts that will not hurt me the next day. We do walk Frank the dog for about an hour everyday which is great while this weather is so nice! Don’t worry – we are only going out once and staying well clear of everyone we see!

I have started researching exercises that will help me strengthen my back and my core – which I am hoping will help?

So if anyone has any tips or recommendations of how to get “back” to it I would very much appreciate it!

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