My New Yoga Mat!

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I know I haven’t mentioned it before, but it was my birthday the other weekend!! 🙂 

And because i am actually still 12 I got massively spoilt, as I do with every occasion. I still get pocket money!! ☺️ I was asked to create a list of gifts I would like. Top of that list was a magpie feather tattoo, which I am planning on getting as soon as I find someone who is really good to do it for me (suggestions welcome!).

The next thing I wanted to add to my list was a new yoga mat. I have been doing yoga everyday for a good few months now, and the one I have been using was getting so beat up. Jasper loved to claw at it and bite it, there are chunks missing and it was looking pretty grubby! 

I knew there was a lot of different mats out there, and the one I had seen lots and quite fancied was the one with all the lines on to help you align yourself properly. But after I did a quick Google search I saw that it was actually really expensive and I didn’t want to ask for anything that expensive. After a little more time looking at different mats I decided on the Manuka Life Linen Yoga Mat in Forest Green. 

I haven’t done a lot on it yet, as I have been feeling pretty crappy. But the couple of flows I have done on it have been great. The mat has enough grip on it to stop my hands slipping, it is thick enough to not hurt my hands and knees. Not only that but it is so pretty! 😍

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