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I always wanted to be a mum but I guess I never really knew what that life would be like. During my pregnancy i worried that I wouldn’t know what to do and that I wouldn’t be good at being a mum, I’m sure this is something that plays on most mums to be’s minds.

In all honesty, apart from the multiple wake ups in a night, the strange hours where you can’t seem to do anything right and constantly changing nappies my life hasn’t changed all that much! I can happily say I love being a mum! 

As a couple, we still try to do as many things we would have previously but with Ezra with us! We are that couple that brings a baby to the party instead of a bottle of alcohol!! 😂 we have even booked Ezras first holiday…..to New York at the end of February!!

I would say my exercise goals have changed massively, I would still like to compete in a sport of some fashion when the time is right, but for now I don’t care about training too hard and getting fit and in shape! I am walking and doing yoga everyday and that seems to be helping keep my mind and body strong and happy! 

I would definitely say that everything I do now has an element of #mumlife to it! For me, this means I always have a mum bun on top of my head, I am always wearing a baggy top with a vest underneath and most likely have sick or dribble on me somewhere!! But I love my life and wouldn’t change it for the world! 

There have only been a few occasions where I haven’t packed everything we needed in the nappy bag but fortunately this has happened when we were with other mum friends or going somewhere that we could easily pick up new wipes or extra nappies. 

Arriving on time is not as easy as it used to be, but I always try to get myself ready first and then everything else. I start this process an hour before we need to leave which has meant only being late once since Ezra has been born! 🙌🏻

How has your life changed into a #mumlife, I would love to hear! Comment below…

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