Mission Bikini Body

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The girls and I have gone and booked a little holiday to Portugal!!! We are going for 4 days and 4 nights, and I cannot wait. I have never been away with the girls so really looking forward to it.

Not that I am counting down the days to be off work and relaxing in the sun, but there is only 43 days to go until we fly out.

Now that everything is booked, all I need to focus on is getting my beach body ready and buying most of ASOS!!

I dont really have a plan set out yet, but I know that I am going to avoid dairy from now until the holiday and get in as many runs, yoga sessions, ab challenge days and HIIT sessions as I can before then.

I know the girls want to get ready for the beach too, so they will be joining in and hopefully we will be able to pull each other along! We have already been for a walk over the Humber bridge (it was meant to be a run, but we got chatting!!)



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