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Have you ever heard of a Jujube?! Yea, well me either – but apparently the Jujube fruit is a new superfood on the block! It is also called the Red Date, they are dense in antioxidants which helps the body fight free-radicals! So what not to love?

I always up for trying out a new fruit or food that is going to be good for whilst tasting good!! So when the lovely people at Abakus foods got in touch to see if I would be interested in trying this new superfood, I could hardly wait!

The Jujube fruit arrived in three different forms, a crisp, the whole fruit and as a powder to use for a drink.

Jujube fruit three way
Jujube fruit three ways

So after some reading around the odd looking fruit I found out that they are known for their sedative properties which helps calm the mind naturally and subtly. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they have been widely used to treat anxiety and insomnia.

I have to be honest now, when I saw them I was a little worried about what they were going to taste like, the whole fruits seemed very squashy and the crisps looks a little like crispy sponges. But I still opened the packet and gave them a go. And I am so glad I did, they are incredible!!

Jujube fruit crisps
Jujube fruit crisps

They have a sweet taste that really reminded me of cinnamon grahams (the cereal) and I really enjoyed eating them. The texture was a little like dried apple but I really really enjoyed them.

I am a food sharer so had to offer them around the office, and everyone agreed that they tasted lovely. I was very careful not to over share and leave myself with none left to enjoy.

I haven’t tried the whole fruit or the powder yet, but if the crisps are anything to go off, I am really looking forward to them!

Abakus Jujube Fruits can be purchased from their online shop www.abakusfoods.com. Also, they will be available from September at Wholefoods Markets and as well as a number of independent health food and fine food stores.


**This product was gifted to me to try and review by Abakus foods, but the opinions and photos are my own

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