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Do you ever worry you don’t drink enough water? Well, I for one do!

You always hear the benefits of drinking water, better skin, better hair, more energy, less headaches and like a million other good things! So why do most of us find it so difficult to reach the daily target of eight glasses a day?

Joseph Joseph might have just made things a little easier on that front. Their new bottle, The Dot, a hydration tracking water bottle! It is a 600ml water bottle which offers a smart but low-tech alternative to gadgets and apps. Simply every time the bottle is refilled, a new dot appears on the lid. It has a leak proof lid so it is perfect to use at home, in the gym or when you are out or about.


The bottle comes in four different colours (green, pink, stone and anthracite) and costs £10! This might sounds like a silly thing to say, but it feels really nice too! It fits in your hand and isn’t too big or too small. I have to say I look really cool walking around the office with it! 😜

I am always trying to make sure I drink enough each day and find that drinking from a bottle does really help me to drink more – not really sure why. I got myself a cheap crappy one from TK-Max which worked great for a while, but then started to smell funky so I went on the hunt for a new one.

I have found that I really enjoy drinking from it and having to fill it back up again to twist the top and reveal a new dot. (that sounded so much cooler in my head! 😂) I really rate this bottle, the only thing I would say is that when I wasn’t very gentle and threw it in my bag at the end of the day it scratched the main body of it.


**This product was gifted to me to try and review by Joseph Joseph, but the opinions and photos are my own

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