January Goals

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As I mentioned in my 2017 Goals posts, I am going to set a few smaller targets each month so this is my first set of target this year!!

Finish Inferno

I got Dan Brown Inferno book for my birthday in October, it took me a little while to get into it. After a few attempts I got really into it. On the flight back from Italy I couldn’t put it down. Unfortunately I haven’t had that many more chances where I have been able to sit down and really get more than a page read. So my first target for January is to finish the book.

Run at Least Three Times a Week

A few weeks back I went over on my ankle and it has been causing me a bit of pain, so this target is about quantity, not distance or speed. I have been resting my ankle since I went over and am feeling much better with it now, but I don’t want to over do it too soon. I will keep my distance between 1-4 km to start with and slowly build myself up to consistent 5kms. 

Practise Yoga Everyday

Fortunately January is a great month for us fitness fans, there are so many 30 day challenges that are out there for us to take part in. I follow a lovely lady call Cat Meffan on Instagram and noticed that she has created #Yoganuary in which you follow a video a day every day for the whole of January. The challenge includes flows, breathing exercises, meditation practices and all sorts of helpful yoga tips and tricks. 

Drink More

Over the Christmas holidays I got a bit lazy with keeping hydrated, so I would like to get back on track with that. I will continue to use my Joseph Joseph Dot bottle and will try to drink two or three bottles a day to start with, working my way up to four bottles. 

What are your goals for January?

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