I Am A Body Proud Mum!

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I know I am very late to this party, but I have loved the Mothercare campaign which is celebrating the Body Proud Mums out there.

The female body really is a wonderful thing, growing and birthing a child and then, for thoes who can, feed them for many months after!

I think it is so easy to forget all your body has gone through once you have given birth and just to look at it and to see the changes as a negative. Most ladies are going to put on weight and have their hips get a bit wider – you housed a baby in that body for 9 months!

I have had moments over the past 9 months since Ezra has been earth side where I have looked at my Mum tum, celulitey bum and milk filled boobs and not loved what I have seen. I had quite a mental battle having to throw out my size 8s and accept that I am now a 10-12!

But for the most part I love this body of mine and am so proud of it! I am feeling stronger than ever and ready to get back working out and running on the regs to keep myself healthy and able to keep up with Ezra now that he is on the move!

I hope all you other mums out there realise how incredible your body is and start to show it the love it deserves! 😘

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