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Most people spend their Sundays lazing around or doing housework, but not me. This Sunday I took part in the Lincoln sprint triathlon!!

I took part in my first triathlon last year and I loved it, so I decided it would be a good plan to book myself into do another one. I think I booked it about 6 months ago and thought I had given my self plenty of time to train.

I did put in a fair amount of effort on the turbo trainer and I ran the Humber bridge once a week, but I think I only got in the pool 4 times before the tri! So in the week running up to it I had some serious self doubt and thought I was going to be terrible.

But the day rolled around and it was too late to worry too much about it all, I just needed to go for it and have some fun with it.

So the swim was in a pool, and I had to complete 16 lengths which I was pretty confident with. Next up was a 24km bike ride, which I was less confident with, to make this worse it was really windy and there was a pretty big hill right at the beginning. Finally it was the run, where I had to run 5km along the river, again I was fairly happy about this but my leg started to cramp up so I took it pretty steady.

I managed to finish the whole thing in 1:35 and I felt so good about it. I really want to do another one and actually put some proper training in on the bike, as I know I can knock a fair chunk of time off that leg.

I will let you know when I have signed up for another one! 😀


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