Guest Post: Workouts to help you stay healthy during pregnancy

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There’s no doubt that exercise if you do it right, is great during pregnancy. Keeping your body moving can help you stay in shape, reduce the chance of health risks and keep your cholesterol in check (for more information on what normal cholesterol levels are, click here), amongst a whole host of other benefits!

Read on to find out what exercises are best during pregnancy and how you can keep up a workout routine whilst your little one grows.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Yoga can help your flexibility to make childbirth a little bit easier and stretch out your body to soften the backache that us, mums-to-be, often suffer with. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It can also help to rid you of your everyday stresses, focus your mind and let you enjoy the feeling of pregnancy by being more mindful of your body.

Yoga classes designed for pregnant ladies are especially good. The instructors know you’ll have limits and won’t push you too hard. They’ll also tailor their exercises to help bodies with a bump!

Take a Dip

There’s nothing like getting into a large pool of water when you’re pregnant. Suddenly, all those straining, sore muscles are relieved, and your back and legs can (finally!) get some time off. The weightlessness you feel in water is pretty addictive during pregnancy.

The cardio benefits are also great to keep your health in check and using all your muscles whilst you swim definitely isn’t a bad thing. Just remember to take it easy and have regular breaks.


Pilates is a great workout class you can do throughout your pregnancy, no matter how far along you are! You’ll work on your stamina, which is essential when you’re in labor, and strengthen the core muscles you need to deliver your baby. You don’t have to push yourself too hard and the results you get are incredible!

What to Avoid

Whilst exercise is great during pregnancy and crucial to keeping normal cholesterol levels, you do have to be more cautious than you normally would. Avoid risky sports where there’s a chance you could fall over, such as roller-skating or gymnastics, and definitely, don’t start living super-heavyweights.

Keep things light and easy – don’t push yourself too hard. Go for walks every day, even if they’re only ten minutes, and just try to keep your body moving. If you can’t get down for a yoga class in your last trimester, don’t worry! You’re pregnant and no one’s asking you to do any more miracles.

Besides, you’re going to have plenty of time to work out when your little one is up and running (chasing a toddler is the best exercise you can get), so don’t panic too much. As long as you’re taking care of yourself and your baby, you’ll be fine.

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