Guest Post: Tips on How to Keep a Healthy Diet While Pregnant

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There’s never a time when healthy eating isn’t important, but when you’re pregnant it’s absolutely essential! Ensuring that you’re looking after your body properly by feeding it the right stuff is the first thing you can do to look after your baby. Getting the nutrients you and your little bump need, making sure you’ve got normal cholesterol levels and keeping an eye on your health will help your baby develop properly – and it’ll make your pregnancy a whole lot easier too!

You Shouldn’t ‘Eat for Two’

A lot of women think that they can eat double portions because they’re eating for two, but this definitely isn’t the case. Your baby doesn’t need that much food! All you’ll end up doing is putting on weight and, if the food isn’t healthy, actually doing more harm than good to the wellbeing of you and your baby.

You should eat around 300 calories more than you used to every day. If you find yourself excessively hungry, perhaps consider adding to your diet foods that’ll keep you fuller for longer.

Plenty of Fruit and Veg

Just as in a normal diet, you should be really trying to pack in those fruit and veg! They contain so many essential vitamins and minerals (as well as fibre) that you need to have a healthy pregnancy and keep your baby growing properly. Have a variety of fruit and vegetables of different colours, and make sure you’re eating at least 5 portions a day – but preferably more!

Eat lots of greens, such as broccoli, peas and spinach to get the all important folic acid, and stock up on oranges and grapefruits for plenty of Vitamin C.

Carbs for Energy

Carbohydrates are where you’re going to get most of your energy from to sustain you and your little one throughout your pregnancy. Try to go for wholegrain options as they’re far healthier and more effective, and fortified bread can be a great source of folic acid. Make sure you’re eating at least one type of carbohydrate with every meal you have.

Protein, Iron and Vitamin B

Proteins are the building blocks of a whole lot of important things in our body, so it makes sense you’re going to need tons when growing a little tiny human inside you! They’re also packed full of iron and vitamin B – two nutrients that women tend to lack during pregnancy.

Meat, fish, eggs and beans are great sources of protein, so make sure you start stocking up on them!

Health Tests

It’s important you get the health check-ups you need throughout your pregnancy. Even if you’re not scheduled for one but you’re feeling out of sorts or more tired than usual, go in for tests. They can make sure you’re not low on any essential vitamins or minerals, check that you’ve got normal cholesterol levels and ensure the diet you’re eating is supporting you and your baby.

It’s vital you look after yourself during pregnancy, and that starts with what you eat. Be mindful of what you put into your body and you and your baby will thrive. It’s that simple!

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