Gluten Free Life

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I have really been struggling with my tummy recently, I have been feeling very bloated and unsettled. And to be honest it has not been fun.

So I have decided to try to cut out diary and gluten from my diet.

Cutting dairy out is pretty easy for me, I am not a massive lover of cheese and I really enjoy rice milk. I do often cook a pasta with a creme fraiche sauce, but I discovered soya yogurt the other day so might try that as an alternative.

Now, gluten is going to be a huge challenge for me, I love pretty much everything that has gluten in! But I am going to try my hardest to cut it out of my diet for as long as I can. I really just want to see if it makes a difference, I have felt very bloated recently and it is so uncomfortable.

Gluten Free Goodies

I did go to Asda last night and treat my self to some Gluten free treats – I have to admin I couldn’t bring myself to buy the bread, it looked a lot like cardboard. But I did get some quiches, chicken bites, veggie sausages and some cous cous. Once I have tried them out I will let you know how I got one.


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