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I really do try my hardest to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I tried to be well all day every day I tried exercise as much as I can during the week and the weekends.

But I’m not daft I do understand that life sometimes does have to get in.

I live away from my family, so often go home to see everybody on a Saturday and Sunday – which more than likely will end up with a meal out and a few drinks. As much as I tried to pick the healthy choices that doesn’t always happen, I am a sucker for Chinese food! 

I work in Lincoln but live in Hessle at the moment which takes me over an hour to drive in an hour to drive home. At the start of the day I have every intention of getting home completing a workout, but the reality is that the time I’m back it’s almost 6:30 and I really want to do is have some food and sit down.

I try not to feel too bad when I have little lapses in diet or lifestyle, I have to have a life as well and don’t feel like I should be punished for being human. 

I find it best to work with the time that I have, for example, I have a pretty flexible lunchtime so I’ve decided to start taking my gym kit to work with me and go for a jog. I am fortunate to have an office that has a shower so don’t have to spend the rest of the afternoon stinking!

I have also found that if I do most of my food prep the night before, it works much better for me. With a long day I find a much more tired in the mornings now, so I’m trying to have as much time in bed as possible without missing too much of my days.

I believe that you shouldn’t force yourself to do exercise, you should do what feels right when it feels right. There are too many other pressures and stresses in this world – Why add exercise to that too? I also feel that this is the same rules when it comes to food although it’s great to stick to healthy eating for as long as you can, but some days Chinese takeaway is all that you want! Well that is the case for me! 🙂 

My advice would be to find something you enjoy doing, and do it as often as you are happy to do. I have found that about 10 minutes of yoga a day makes me feel amazing, and getting in a few 15-20 minute runs a week works really well for me. So that is what I will stick with. Its really cool to mix things up every now and then so a will try out a few swim sessions or a few racket ball matches! 

I would love to hear how you let your life in with little tips and tricks that you have.

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