Fitting Fit In

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I have really lost my motivation to get fit again, I’m not sure if it is the broken sleep during the night, the lack of time to myself but I find it much more appealing to sit on the sofa and watch Netflix than do something productive when I get the chance!

I think being a new mum is such a tough balancing act of keeping baby, partner and yourself happy, making sure you aren’t drowning in dirty clothes and having a fairly presentable house. So it is no wonder I have no energy left to exercise.

I used to workout or do a yoga flow in the morning before work, but I struggle to get myself out of bed if Ezra isn’t up at the moment.

With the clocks changing and the nights getting brighter I think I will be able to switch my workouts around and do more in the evening.

Does anyone have any tips for fitting fit into mum life?

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