Day 9: Best Trip Of My Life

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This one is really hard!! I love to travel and I have been so fortunate to travel to so many amazing places!

As soon as I saw the title of this post, I instantly thought of two places. New York and Morocco! But if I really had to pick I would say Morocco!

Both of these places I have been to with Dan! We went to Morocco back in 2016 and it was amazing! We went on a all inclusive package but it was great! We went out of season so the hotel we stayed in was absolutely dead! Which wasn’t that bad to be honest!

Everything about this trip was a surprise to me. We had done a lot of research about the Marrakech market square and the different things we needed to do/see but I really don’t think the research did it justice.

We ate at so many amazing street food places, we climbed a mountain, we rode camels and got dressed up in amazing outfits to do so. We visited an herbal doctors, we ate lunch on a river bed, I was forced into getting henna on my hand!! I mastered my bartering skills and Dan proved he had none!!! We went on a horse drawn cart ride where the driver chased after us at the end for a tip!! We drank so much mint tea! 😍

Oh wow, I want to go back so bad!! It was a beautiful place with such a vibrant feel, and when I think about it, I can’t help but smile!

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