Day 5: My Proudest Moment

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This didn’t take me too long to think of!! It has got to be Ezra!!

I cant take all the credit, I wouldn’t have be able to do it without Dan or the amazing midwives that helped deliver him – but I do think I put in the most effort!!

I loved giving birth and although it wasn’t the birth I had planned in my head, I managed to do it without any pain relief and completely natural!

Now, don’t get me wrong – no matter how you give birth to your baby, it is an incredible accomplishment and I am not saying that my birth was the right or best one. But for me it was almost perfect! I do wish I was upright for it! But at the end of the day my amazing baby boy arrived on the planet and was healthy – so what more could you ask for!

I am so proud of the way both Dan and I have raised him so far! He is a stubborn little boy who knows his own mind already and he is only 19 months old!! As much hard work as this is for us, I think its amazing!!

Becoming a parent is so scary! Keeping a very small very fragile human alive is such an accomplishment in my book! Even if that child doesn’t sleep when you want them too, or eat the meal you cooked for them or battles you at every decision!!

I cant wait to see what our baby boy turns out like over the next few years!!

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