Day 27: A Difficult Time In My Life

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I have to admit I have so far had a really lovely life and not had to face too many difficult times.

The biggies that stick out are losing my grandparents, fighting for a job after maternity leave and making the decision to end a previous relationship.

It’s pretty ironic that this title has popped at this moment in my life, as my Grandad Bill has just passed away (non COVID related). Sadly I lost my other set of grandparents about 5/6 years ago so have experienced the devastation of losing a loved one, but this time its all so different. I’m now a mum and have this little life that is so dependent on me having my shit together. It’s so easy to get distracted in him, which I am grateful for, but I still have moments of such sadness about it.

I had a pretty hard time after going back to post after my maternity leave, and not just the not wanting to leave my child or wishing I was still able to go hang out with my mum mates any day of the week. I went back to work part time and after about three or four months I was pretty much told I needed to work more in the office or I couldn’t stay working there! It was such a smack in the face, as I had worked really hard for them pre maternity and I believed I still was post maternity leave, but the obviously thought differently! Any way, their actions helped to push me into making the decision to start my own marketing business and then a little later down the line my candle business! So for a good few weeks I did loose a lot of sleep of it, but it has all turned out for the best! (For me at least!)

Another hard time in my life was when I decided to end an 8 year relationship because I was unhappy and felt very alone. I know this really isn’t a hard time in relation to what other people have had to deal with in their lives, but it was a huge thing for me to walk away from – I had a mortgage and 8 years of a relationship that had been built.

Thankfully through all the hard times I have experienced I have had my amazing family and friends by my side to support me.

It might sound like a weird thing for me to say now, but if anyone is going through a hard time in their life and needs someone to talk to, I am a very good listener and think I give pretty goo advice! You don’t need to know me to have a chat!! I really strongly believe in the saying “A problem shared is a problem halved!” So if you need it, I am here to you! X

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