Day 23: Piercings / Tattoos

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Much to my Dads disapproval I have three tattoos and my ears pierced four times.

I got my ears pierced for the first time when I was about 13 and I went to Claires with my mum. I have to admit I didn’t like them and was scared of changing the earrings!!

I then went quite a long time before getting another piercing – I think I was about 25 when I got the top of my ear done. I think I saw someone with a tiny hoop in theirs and loved it and wanted to copy!!

The next piercing was actually to help me get rid of headaches!! I got the inside bit of my ear done – not too sure what its actually called! I was surprised by how little this actually hurt both during the piercing and after! it didn’t really help my headaches but it looks cool! 😂

I then got my first tattoo when I was 29, It has been something I wanted for a while and I had actually got myself booked in before I was pregnant but had to cancel as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I waited for a while and researched that you could get a tattoo while you were breastfeeding so I got myself booked in back!

I got a magpie feather on my ribs in honour of my grandparents, as I believe they have come back as magpies, they were also from Newcastle so were technically magpies when they were alive.

My fourth ear piercing was my seconds – I went to Claires again with my friend! 😂

I got my second and third tattoo done at the same day. I got Ezras’ initials in Braille dots just above my ankle and some cat whiskers on my left wrist.

I love all of my tattoos and think I will probably get some more, but don’t tell my dad!! 😂

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