Day 19: A Confession…

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What to write about for this post…. I feel like I have quite a few confessions I could write about, so maybe this post will include a few of them!!

My first confession is… One of the reasons I started this blog was to get free things!! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 When I started this blog, blogging and influencers was just taking off and i wanted in!! I wasn’t so bothered about it becoming a job and making money from it! I loved writing and my job so was happy to just do it for the occasional free thing!! I have to say even though I have been blogging for years now and I have worked with quite a lot of brands and been gifted products, I still get soooo excited when I get things through the post. I cant imagine what it is like for people who get to work with huge brands and get things all the time!

So if you have any products you think i would love, send them my way!! 😂😍

My second confession is…. I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing in life!! Not in the sense that I don’t know what to do with my life but as a mum, an actual adult, a girlfriend and a business owner!! I feel like i wing it more often that not!! 😂 It feels very odd to say that I have two businesses that are doing well at the moment and that I am a fully fledge adult with a mortgage and a really lovely boyfriend!!

I do think that this confession is what most people would say about their life too which makes me feel a bit better about it!! I have to say though, I love my life and will continue to wing it until it feels wrong!

My third and final confession…..I don’t always love my body! I am all about loving yourself and not getting hung up on silly things, but I have struggled to love my post baby body! Now don’t get me wrong, I love my body because it enabled me to carry and birth my boy, but the changes it went through haven’t always sat well with me. I have looked in the mirror and really disliked what I saw. I have really battled with accepting that I am not a bigger clothes size than I was pre pregnancy and hated it when I ordered clothes that didn’t fit me!

I always try hard to eat well and exercise, not just for aesthetics, but for my mental health too! I love exercising and the feeling you get when you have smashed a workout or run further and faster than your last run. I love being able to get out of my head just for a little bit and loving how well my body keeps my moving!

So I am really trying to love myself a little bit more! I know our bodies are incredible and a bit of a wobbly belly and droopy post breastfeeding boobs are amazing and all a part of my journey as a mother!

I have just started to follow a few ladies on Instagram who have inspired me so much as they promote the bodies in all of their glory and not just the posed and staged photos of them! 😍

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