Day 18: If I Won The Lottery…

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This is something Dan and I always talk about!!

I would give some money to my parents, my sister and Dans family for them to do what they want with.

I would buy another house here in the UK that would be our forever home and pay the mortgage off on this one to rent out and keep!

We would then travel the world and experience as many adventures as possible as a family of three! We would take Frank where we could but not sure he would do so well on a long haul flight!!

I would then buy a few properties in our favourite places so we can go back to them whenever we wanted!

I would like to think I would be sensible and save some of it for Ezras’ future – but I think it would be so exciting to have so much money and we would probably spend it!!

I would also like to do some good with it, I’m not too sure what that would be, maybe start up a charity or maybe give a big donation? As long as whatever we did had a positive impact I would be happy!

I’m not really bothered by possessions – I think I would probably treat myself to a Kitchen Aid mixer and a Mac! But other than that I would rather have experiences with the money!

Now I am going to have to go out and buy a lottery ticket and hope that we win it big!! 🤞🏻

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