Day 16: What Makes Me Happy

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My family, friends, food, travelling and other people’s happiness!

Family and friends mean a lot to me. I 100% wouldn’t be the person I a today without them all.

I have the worlds most supportive family and I love them!!

I know its bad that food has made this list, but I really love food! I enjoy growing veggies, finding new recipes, cooking and when lock down is over I can’t wait to go out and eat some food!! I am pretty sure I am always thinking about food!! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

I love to travel to new places and explore new places, I am very lucky that Dan does too! We can’t wait to start exploring again but with Ezra now!!!

It might sound really cringe but I love to see other people happy! If I can help make that happen it’s such a good feeling!

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