Day 13: Where Will I Be In 5 Years?

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Ooo I like this post already!! i have never been one of those people who really thinks that far into the future. Mainly because it scares me to think too far ahead and I also think plans can change so why put too much thought and effort in?

However, my life at the moment is at a very exciting point. Ezra is at a lovely age where he is learning new words everyday and he is learning how to play so nicely! I am also trying to figure out running two businesses: Poured By Fi and Bella Digital. Dan is doing so well at work and it is exciting to think where that might take him!

So 5 years from now I will be 35 (which is quite terrifying!!) Ezra will be 5 going on 6!!! And Dan will still be 32! It’s so hard to say if we will have any more children by this point. I loved being pregnant and giving birth so much and I would love to do it again if we can, but them on the flip side, I also love that we can give Ezra all of our attention and love?

I can say for sure that we will be in a new and bigger house within 5 years. We are currently saving to cover the cost of selling our place and buying a new one. We had a little set back with this due to my work circumstances changing, but hopefully it won’t put buying a new place to far back for us.

Ezra will be in school in 5 years time so I am hoping that will give me more time to work on Bella Digital and Poured By Fi. It would be amazing to have stockists of my candles and have people being able to buy them through really cool shops! I would love it if Bella Digital was progressing too! I would love it if I could still be working with my current clients and a few more too!

I would hope we have been back to New York a few more times and added a few more places off our checklist! We have always planned to be an adventurous family with Ezra so I am also hoping we have stuck to this and had the best times!

I am hoping by this point in my life I have the best abs too! 😂

Have you ever thought this far ahead in your life? What does it look like for you?

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