Day 12: 3 Healthy Habits

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I would like to say I am super healthy and have a great daily routine, but I really don’t think that is true!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

I think like most humans, I could eat less, drink more water, spend less time on Instagram!! But I think I do have a few healthy habits….

I always have a glass of water when I wake up and come downstairs. I guess this is less of a healthy habit and more out of being thirsty when I wake up! Although you do always read that you should drink a glass of water when you wake up to get your metabolism going.

As a family we go out for a dog walk every day! We got Frank at the beginning of March and we go for at least an hours walk each day to make sure he gets a good walk. Some days we can go for longer, this is typically on the weekend as we have more time! Pre Frank we didn’t always get out of the house every day so I am really glad that we do now!

Since Ezra was born I have taken a photo of our day every single day! I am making a One Second Everyday video and so far I think it’s about 10 minutes long!! It’s so nice to see how much he has grown and changed over the 22 months he has been on this planet! I think this is a really good habit as we only get to have these days with him once so I want to remember them as much as I can, I also think it will be really nice to show him when he gets older! He might not thank me for all of the picture though!!

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