Cutting it out

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Does anyone else’s skin go through phases where it decides to be annoying an become all spotty?!

I have been so lucky through my teenage years and haven’t really suffered with bad skin, now I still got the occasional mountain appear on my chin, but it was pretty rare.

Wehn I hit 25 I seemed to have gone back in time and started to have trouble will my skin! I went to the doctors and was proscribed acne stuff, but it didn’t really work, so I gave up on that and took matters in to my own hands. Nothing to drastic, just a new diet! I went vegan for about a week.

Now for someone who loves to eat as much as I do, this was a pretty big deal. But the results were worth it!

I am having the same issues with my skin at the moment, so I have decided to try to cut out dairy and see what happens. I have swapped out regular milk for oat milk and I am not a big cheese eater anyway so that shouldn’t be too hard.

Fingers cross it is going to clear my face up!!


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