Couch To 5Km Update

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So it turns out I was being lazy and not actually looking properly for the free NHS couch to 5k app! But good news… I have found it!!

I have now done two runs from it so far and I am feeling good.

The first was a 5min warm up and then 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walk 6 times and then a 5min cool down. I did this run on Thursday, with the intention of running on Saturday again. But I really wasn’t feeling up for it yesterday so gave it a miss.

I have decided to reduce the amount of caffeine I drink and this was causing a few very unpleasant headaches!!

I was feeling so much better today and had decided that when the boy napped I was going to go out! Today’s run was 5min warm up followed by 90 seconds running and 2 min walk 5 (but I’m sure I did 6) times and then a 5 min cool down to finish.

I am so pleased with myself that I haven’t let a few off days stop me for going out and that I am still heading towards my 40km goal for the month!

Bring on the next run!!

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